Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Budoy Pork Chicharon food service enterprise is to provide high-quality meals and excellent service to customers while staying within food and labor costs so that the operation can make a profit. This goal can only be achieved with the cooperation and support of all of the staff. Just as a football single enterprise only succeeds when the players and staff form a cohesive team, so too does a proprietor succeed only when the staff forms a working team.

Budoy Pork Chicharon teams invariably outperform individuals if they are working effectively. When groups come together to solve a problem, they come up with more creative and flexible solutions than could individuals. In a restaurant, excellent food production and service is always a team effort.  All members of the team have a role in making the customers experience memorable.

Budoy as a Team

Budoy Pork Chicharon cooks often think only of the team in the kitchen. The kitchen staff members may think of themselves as a team (“us”) allied against the front of house staff (“them”). The kitchen staff on other shifts, management, and other components of the operation may also be considered “them.” This is not productive in a well-functioning staff. Of course, this same thinking is prevalent in the other groups except in reverse.

The flaw with this thinking is that it pits one group against the other. It contributes to poor customer service. Petty jealousies and conflicts can lead to various schemes to get the better of the other group. This is an immature way of looking at your workplace and unfortunately the customer will suffer. Being part of a team means being respectful to all other members for their particular role and duties. When the entire group sees itself as having a common set of goals to achieve, and each member of the team understands his or her contribution to the overall team effort, the best results are achieved.

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