Chicharon as Chicheria

Chicharon is a very popular snack all over the Philippines. This crunchy delight is one of Cebu’s best and tastiest products.

The pork skin cracklings that are made from pork rind and a little bit of fat. They are boiled and seasoned then sun-dried and deep-fried. It is usually enjoyed with spiced vinegar. Dip it in vinegar and get that thrilling spicy sensation! Yum!

There are different varieties:

  • Chicharron-baboy – made of pork skin and fat
  • Chicharron manok – made of chicken skin and fat
  • Chicharron-bituka – made from pork or chicken intestines
  • Chicharron bulaklak – made from pork or chicken omentum (fat-filled sac covering the small intestines)

It is a perfect finger food for snack time. You can serve it to guests along with refreshing drinks. Its spiciness will make one thirst, so having a cold refreshing drink while eating it will make the experience even more thoroughly satisfying than it already is. You can really get that “aaah!” feeling after taking a bite of crunchy, spicy chicharon then washing it down with a cold swig of soda or iced tea. Some like to match it with beer and other alcoholic beverages.

No wonder it became so famous around the world. Some people think it is not healthy but to ME it is something that will give you instant happiness, and happiness is good for health. So, Chicharon Baboy is not bad for health if you yourself prepare it and consume it moderately.

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