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Budoy Pork Chicharon  caters delicious and quality taste food  that show to the public the talent and taste of Camarines Norte. Our vision at Budoy is to introduce the taste of food to Camarines Norte to the World. We also deliver quality products and services at Budoy Pork Chicharon.

Budoy Pork Chicharon promotes the local product industry in Camarines Norte that contributes to the progress of the country’s economy by being an honest taxpayer. Budoy Chicharon also our commitment is to give you quality food made.

Chicharon is that flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth crunchy treat that satisfies your most intense snack cravings. And Budoy Pork Chicharon has all of the delicious flavors, textures and brands to please everybody. Take a look at our large selection of your favorite Filipino chicharon varieties. We can help satisfy your mouth-watering hunger.

Budoy Pork Chicharon loves to eat by everyone especially the chicharon variety because it is crunchy to taste with every bite of meat. Love to eat by many people in our generation today like students, office personnel’s, ordinary people. It taste good and we promise good quality but also we deliver good result.

Our dear customers have now different options to reach Budoy Pork Chicharon.  You may contact us through our mobile phone at 09073086069.  Please send us an e-mail via You can also check us on our Facebook Page, just search for budoyporkchicharon. We are physically located in Purok 5, Del Rosario, Mercedes, Camarines Norte, province of Bicol. Therefore, you can contact us on the following emails, pages, accounts and phone numbers.