Budoy Pork Chicharon Bundle Pack


Budoy Pork Chicharon Bundle Pack

25 pcs 10 grams



Budoy Pork Chicharon is that flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth crunchy treat that satisfies your most intense snack cravings. And Budoy Pork Chicharon has all of the delicious flavors, textures and brands to please everybody. Take a look at our large selection of your favorite Filipino chicharon varieties. We can help satisfy your mouth-watering hunger.

When you are looking for an appetizer, Budoy Pork Chicharon has salt, chilli pepper and MSG is just for you! It is a perfect partner to your favorite drinks. Whether it is just flavored juice drinks or an ice-cooled beer, or hard drinks, Budoy Pork Chicharon is your perfect appetizer, pica-pica or pulutan. It’s crispy, delicious, and crunchy in every bite you can’t get enough!

Therefore, It  loves to eat by everyone especially the this variety because it is crunchy to taste. Love to eat by many people in our generation today like students, office personnel’s, ordinary people. Also, it taste good at Budoy, we promise good quality but also we deliver good result.

Budoy Pork Chicharon Bundle Pack is a high quality chicharon  to deliver wholesale and retail it to taste the crunchy and crispiness on it.

It is easy to cook because it has no meat.It takes 5 to 10 minutes until golden brown. when cooked just set aside and dry it thoroughly. Put some seasoning like the secret ingredients of hot chilli pepper, salt and MSG on it and served.

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